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The Okanagan Gymnastics Centre (OGC) began as the Kokanees Gymnastics Club in 1977 and was incorporated in March 1981.  The club moved to many different locations within Kelowna. In October 2001 the centre moved to its current location at 365 Hartman Rd and changed its name to the Okanagan Gymnastics Centre (OGC).  OGC is a not-for-profit society with a volunteer Board of Directors.  Our purpose is to provide the community with recreational and competitive gymnastic programs.  Currently we offer a full range of programs for ages 13 months to adult.  We also offer specialty programs such as womens artistic gymnastics (WAG), mens artistic gymnasticcs (MAG), acrobatic gymnastics (ACRO), trampoline gymnastics (TG) and cross training.  Our present facility is the largest in the Okanagan region!

At OGC we consider gymnastics the ultimate foundation for all sports and physical literacy for all ages. Gymnastics helps develop body awareness, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination, just to name a few.  Okanagan Gymnastic Centre believes in enhancing confidence, physical and mental development, and providing an overall great experience.

Philosophy of the Okanagan Gymnastics Centre:

  • Gymnastics programs shall be available for all ages and differing abilities in recreational, competitive and special needs.  The programs will be delivered in a positive, developmental and safe environment, using modern equipment and a high standard of coaching.   
  • Gymnastics programs shall be available to the maximum number of participants and provide the very best in training to allow each athlete to develop to his/her potential.
  • ‚ÄčThe Centre will provide high quality gymnastics programs which will enhance the participant’s development of physical literacy and self-confidence.
  • ‚ÄčThe Centre shall encourage and facilitate those athletes who display a high level of skill to develop their potential in the competitive programs.
  • The Centre promotes sportsmanship, respect, responsibility and integrity as it teaches gymnastics through “Fun, Fitness, and Fundamentals”.

Mission Statement: To provide quality gymnastics programs for the Central Okanagan community through a safe and enjoyable environment

Vision: To provide all OGC participants with quality, program diversity and excellence while supporting each individual to reach their potential

Values: Excellence, Professionalism, Respectful, Safety, Progress, Diversity.  OGC’s values are delivered with commitment, innovation, creativity, enthusiasm, flexibility, and delivered in a passionate manner.

OGC Objectives: 

  • To provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for all children to develop in the sport of gymnastics and trampoline. 
  • To promote the growth and development of recreational and competitive gymnastics, with quality programs enjoyable for all.  Every athlete’s involvement in the sport is important to the club, and even though the vast majority will never reach the elite level, the club attempts to allow each athlete to develop to his or her own potential.  We wish to ensure that gymnastics is available to the maximum number of athletes in the area and not just to those of a high skill level.  We wish to encourage those athletes who do display a high level of skill to enlarge upon this talent.  We care and are concerned about each athlete’s participation.
  • To endeavor to provide a variety of programs for both boys and girls in artistic gymnastics and trampoline and tumbling, providing a level of participation which allows us to maintain and retain qualified coaching in a cost-effective manner.
  • To endeavor to recruit coaches with versatility in certification and experience that will enable us to provide instruction for a variety of programs at OGC.

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Want to support the Okanagan Gymnastics Centre? We have two projects set up through the National Sports Trust Fund and Sport BC. Donations through the NSTF/Sport BC are eligible for a tax receipt.
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