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2018 Fall Raffle

Congratulations to our 2018 Fall Raffle Winners!

Booster Juice

We sell Booster Juice Vouchers at our office! For $5 you will receive a coupon for a large Booster Juice. When you purchase a voucher, OGC gets $1.25 towards our equipment fund!

T Bones Fundraiser
Check back to see when we will be running our next fundraiser with T-Bones!

Equipment Fund- Goal: $40,000 by December 31st, 2018
The Equipment Fund is set up to help OGC host the most current and safe equipment for our athletes. We want to foster long-term athlete development and set our athletes up for success at National and International (FIG) competitions. Click here to donate to the Equipment Fund!

Scholarship Fund- Goal: $5000 by December 31st, 2018
We want to honour current athletes, coaches and volunteers, as well as OGC alumni by providing them with a post-secondary school scholarship. The scholarship recipient(s) will be chosen by the OGC Board of Directors Click here to donate to the Scholarship Fund!


Did you receive a banner for your performance as an OGC athlete (ie. provincials, BCWG, Westerns, etc.)? If you would like your banner please let us know! We are are accepting donations to the National Sports Trust Fund (above) in return. Thank you!

Nature's Fare Receipts:  Please bring in your Nature's Fare receipts and drop them off - in the box by the main office.  All receipts must have the pretax total on the bottom.  We receive a percentage back! Thank you!

Items for sale through our office at OGC. Thank you for your support!

  • Gymnastics leos - various prices
  • OGC T-shirt - $10, Hoodies - $40
  • Grip Bags - $5, Tape $4
  • Booster Juice Smoothie Coupons - $5
  • Drop-in punch Cards
  • OGC Backpacks $45.00