Gymnastics Recreational and Competitive Coaches

The Coaches are the heart of OGC. Each OGC Coach has come from different backgrounds of gymnastics some having competed on the national stage, and some who began gymnastics in their childhood or adulthood. Our Coaches are NCCP certified and First Aid trained. We always do our best to teach classes with fun, enthusiasm and purpose. Get to know our coaches below!

Tammy - Preschool & Recreational

You can find Tammy at OGC throughout the week coaching preschool and recreational classes. As Tammy is a mom, she is excellent working with children and understands what parents are looking for in a gymnastics class for their child.

Maddi - Recreational & Competitive WAG

You can find Maddi at OGC on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. She coaches a variety of classes including tumbling, recreational artistic and Junior Competitive. Athletes love Maddi for her fun and easy going personality.

Dawn - Recreational & Acrobatic

Dawn is experienced in coaching many types of gymnastics classes such as recreational artistic girls and boys, trampoline and acrobatic. You'll find her coaching classes Monday and Tuesday evenings, as well as SD23 field trips on Fridays.

Shelbi - Acrobatic Gymnastics

Shelbi coaches recreational acrobatics on Wednesdays. She is currently apart of OGC's Senior Acrobatic competitive team. Shelbi's love for acro shows when she is teaching a class.

Willis - Recreational

Willis coaches at OGC Friday and Saturdays. Willis is an experienced MAG athlete. He coaches preschool and recreational classes. He is currently being mentored by MAG Head Coach Gabriel, to learn more about coaching MAG.

Katjana - Recreational & Interclub

Katjana is a fun and friendly coach who coaches three times a week at OGC. You'll find her leading classes on Wednesday and Saturday. Until last year, Katjana was an Interclub athlete at OGC. She is now using her experience as an athlete to coach Interclub on Wednesdays.

Brent - Recreational

Brent is a Recreational artistic, trampoline and ninja coach at OGC. When Brent isn't coaching, he is training as a National Trampoline and Tumbling athlete. Brent's fun and knowledgeable personality is enjoyable for the athletes in his classes. He also coaches SD23 field trips.

Tatiana - WAG Competitive

Tatiana provides expert advice on technique for the athletes she coaches.

Shane - Men's Artistic Gymnastics

Shane grew up as a MAG athlete at OGC. His fun and creative coaching style is loved by the athletes he coaches!

Jaylin - Recreational

Jaylin has a background in competitive trampoline. You'll find her at OGC on Wednesdays leading a group of athletes to cool tricks and fun times.

Carli - Recreational

Carli was a Trampoline and Tumbling athlete at OGC. She now teaches artistic classes on Tuesdays. Carli loves to get to know the athletes in her group. She provides fun and challenging classes.