OGC Board of Directors

A Board of Directors oversees OGC with the assistance of various committees, the Director of Operations and the Director of Administration. 

The 201/2019 Board of Directors consists of:

  • Chair Mayka Kennedy
  • Vice Chair Shannon Jones- Business Advisory Committee Lead
  • Nancy Beselt- Facilities and Fundraising Management
  • Larry Crawford- Director at Large- Facilities Committee Lead
  • Samantha Trarback- Director at Large- Health and Wellness Committee Lead
  • Shanna Roworth- Risk Management Committee Lead
  • Tatiana Jakab- Treasurer- Finance Committee Lead
  • Kristi Scott- Secretary
  • Miles Jones- Director at Large- Personnel Committee Lead
  • Iulia Guslicova- Director at Large- Finance and Personnel Committee
  • Deb Lawless- Director at Large- Fundraising Management Committee Lead

The Board formulates, approves, directs and establishes all matters of policy, procedures, budgeting and planning.  The Board formulates and approves a general club plan for the season, along with long and short-range goals for the Society.  No Board member can speak for the Board without the permission of the whole Board.

The Board meets monthly to set and implement the policies and procedures and track the progress of the long and short-term goals. 

The Board of Directors have the duty to act honestly, in good faith, and in the best interests of the organization.  They must use the care, diligence and skills of reasonably prudent people while performing their roles.  They must also put the interests of the organization before their own private interests and may not use their positions as directors to profit at the organization’s expense.

There are standing committees including Personnel, Finance, Fundraising and Risk Management.  Members of the Society are invited to participate on committees.The Board of Directors meet once a month and the committees meet as often as required.  Copies of the bylaws of the Society are available in the office upon request.  A detailed description of the board positions is available in our Policy and Procedures manual in the office. 

The Okanagan Gymnastics Centre is a non-profit Society, run by a Board of Directors. The Board meets once a month. Parents or guardians of gymnasts enrolled in the Competitive or Recreational programs are "Members" of the Society and have one vote per member gymnast.The Annual General Meeting of Okanagan Gymnastics Centre is held in November or December of each year. At that time, Members elect the Board of Directors.

To contact the board, please send an email to:  [email protected]