OGC Purpose

Our Purpose is laid out in our Mission, Vision & Values. We are an organization who cares for the well-being of each participant that steps into our facility. We believe ALL athletes should be given every opportunity to reach their potential in sport and in life.



Be the leading centre for quality gymnastics development in the Okanagan, fostering life-long sport participation, and empowering all athletes to strive for excellence.


Deliver quality gymnastics programs for community-wide engagement; with meaningful participation by all, from Foundational through to High Performance, across all disciplines.

Provide a safe and positive gymnastics environment where athletes can build resilience, confidence, and love of sport through pursuit of goals and earned success.




We Stand for excellence: We lead by example with enthusiasm. We set the bar high and inspire others to be better. We strive to become best-in-class in all we do. We model and expect discipline and commitment. We are driven to make all of OGC’s programs the best that they can be.


Together we are stronger: We confidently work together to achieve our vision. We lean in to each other to build trust, care for each other, and celebrate our successes and learn from our failures together, with honour. We welcome effective communication and engagement while driving toward our goals.


Integrity makes champions of us all:  At all times, and in all relationships, we are genuine, ethical, and just. Each day we operate with accountability and transparency. We create a safe environment that welcomes diversity, promotes respect, and emphasizes participant and staff well-being.


We innovate to make thing better:  We are forward thinkers. We adapt and seek to continuously improve. At every level, we are willing to take chances and adjust to find better ways to excel at what we do.


We are dedicated to a higher purpose: We are passionate about what we do. We go the extra distance, knowing it makes a difference to the people we serve. We know that culture creates champions. We invest in making OGC a great place to Work, Volunteer, and Belong.