OGC Structure and Communication

OGC offers a full range of competitive training including acro (ACRO), artistic girls (WAG), artistic boys (MAG) and trampoline gymnastics (TG).  Athletes are invited into the competitive programs at the discretion of the coaches.  There is common information that we want our four competitive disciplines to know to ensure all competitive athletes and OGC families have consistent information.   For discipline specific information please click on your discipline: 

    ACRO     MAG      TG     WAG

OGC Communication

OGC Updates and Discipline Newsletters (Email)

OGC families should be on this list and please read emails as they are a very important source of information.  Communication is important for a smooth program and facility.  The majority of the communication is done by e-mail and phone calls from the office.   It is the expectation for all families to check their emails and keep up with the OGC updates and each discipline’s newsletters along with information from the coaches and office. We do our best to keep everyone informed but please remember it is a shared responsibility!   If you aren’t receiving the OGC update or the discipline newsletter, please inform the office.

Communicating with Coaches 

Office Hours

September to June

Monday – Friday                    9am - 7pm
Saturday                                  9pm - 9pm
Closed Sundays

July and August

Monday – Friday                                     9am - 1pm
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday        3pm - 7pm
Tuesday                                                    3pm - 8:30 pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday

OGC Social Media & Website Links

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Training and Competition Schedule Information- For detailed scheduling information please see your discipline page

All artistic gymnastics athletes will be sent their training hours.  Please be aware that the hours set for each group are to maximize optimum training for the level that they will be competing at this year.  If you are unable to commit to the full hours assigned to your group, there is a possibility that the athlete may be moved to another group. 

All competitive teams train at least one day time during school hours.  This includes Women’s Artistic, Men's Artistic, Trampoline and Acro. This is because the high capacity of classes during each evening which gives us less training space.

We have in the office an official form for you to take to your school stating the details of why they will miss half a day of school. We have had tremendous success with this system. All the athletes who have trained during the day have seen increased grades due to strong planning on their part. The schools have been very positive and they too, have seen a strong connection between high level sports and academics.

Please check the newsletters for changes to the training schedules around statutory holidays.  There is one week during the summer there is not competitive training. This is when we hope most families schedule their Family Summer Holidays so as not to interrupt training for the summer. WAG MAG ACRO do not have training the first week of July and TG takes a break depending on their competition schedule.