Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)

Our Womens' Artistic Gymnastics competitive team is composed of about forty girls ages 6-18.  The youngest girls are in the pre-competitive program training 9 hours per week. We have girls in all levels including the provincial and national levels. Did you know? OGC's Lucia Jakab is the Women's Artistic Junior National Team!

What is Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)?

There are four competitive events in women’s gymnastics: vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise.  This is called the “Olympic Order” and the girls will always rotate in this order at competition.  Click here for Information about apparatus.

The judges calculate scores by assessing the difficulty value of the skills performed, assessing whether or not the athlete completed the required elements for the level and if the athlete performed any bonus skills.   There are two to four judges per event at competition.  Gymnasts receive a score on each of the four events which is added together to create the “All Around” score.  Aspire and Junior Olympic athletes are scored out of 10.  While High Performance gymnastics use the Federation of International Gymnastics Rule, where difficulty scores are combined with execution scores resulting in scores above 10.   The scores of athletes are flashed on standards or an electronic scoring board.  

Children can be selected by invitation from recreation programs for competitive opportunities or  they can attend annual try outs/assessments. Are you interested in competitive gymnastics? Please email [email protected] for available opportunities.

Thank you to Soulsikk for the awesome video!

Junior Olympic Program Levels 1-10:   Gymnastics Canada follows the American competitive structure called Junior Olympics.  Within this program there are 10 levels.  Level 1 – 5 are compulsory routines for all athletes.  Athletes level 6 or higher have personalized routines that have specific requirements.

The following is an excerpt from USA Gymnastics Organization “The Junior Olympic program was developed with the belief that all athletes, regardless of their potential, must have a solid foundation of basic skills in order to advance safely. The program allows the gymnast to advance at her own pace, competing in more than one level in a year, if she so chooses.”  The Women's Junior Olympic Program is divided into three major segments; developmental, compulsory, and optional and you can read more at USA Gymnastics.

Aspire:  Athletes range in age from 8-10 years old and parallels with the Junior Olympic program coaching philosophy.  Aspire is a program choice made by the coaches.

High Performance: The high Performance program began as a one year pilot project. The vision is to offer gymnasts that are inspired and enable them to participate in a high performance environment with training outside of peak facility hours.  A modified training schedule provides athletes with an accommodated academic schedule and optimal recovery.  This program provides an opportunity to experience a high-performance lifestyle for dedicated and selected athletes to achieve excellence at the national and International levels. The athletes train upwards of 24 hours per week, which also includes recovery at the YMCA pool and ballet.  There is a higher level of commitment required from the athletes and parents to achieve their National and International goals within this High Performance Program.  If you have any questions regarding the program please contact Sergei at [email protected]