OGC Ninja Classes ( Athletic Obstacles)

Ninja Classes- Athletic Obstacles

OGC is excited to announce our new athletic obstacles class! Athletic Obstacles is a free running, fast moving class where kids will learn how to roll, jump and land on various surfaces.They may jump over obstacles, climb on equipment and flip over boxes. Inspired by parkour, this class will combine the foundations of gymnastics with high energy and the need to feel courageous! Classes are 1 hour in length.

Once athletes have shown sufficient progressions in they class they may beginning adding twists and rotations (flips) into their class. We are offering 4 Ninja classes this Fall. Click here to register!

Age 5-9 Thursday 6 pm
Age 5-9 - Friday 5 pm OR Saturday 11:30 am 
Age 9-13 - Friday 6 pm OR Saturday 12:30 pm 

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