Artistic Boys Gymnastics

Our recreational program offers classes starting at 6 years old. The boys will follow the Certification program we use at OGC.  The program consists of the following levels:

Foundations Boys (formally known as Beginner Boys)

Intermediate Boys 1

Intermediate Boys 2

Advanced Boys 1

Advanced Boys 2

Your child will be working on the skills needed to master the level he is in. They will learn skills on  Beam, Vault, Floor, pommel horse, rings , high bar, parallel bars, and trampoline.  The coach will bring testing sheets around to record the progress. They will mark the skills as followed:  - Attempted + Learning or ⊕ Mastered. This is consistent with the Physical Literacy Assessment for Youth.

As soon as the athlete has shown proficiency in all the skills, he will receive a certificate of completion and move on to the next level. 

The athletes will receive a progress report at the end of each session. It lists the skills they are working on as either - Attempted + Learning or ⊕ Mastered.

The kids progress at their own pace, not based on age.