Artistic Boys Gymnastics

We have changed our artistic boys program and we no longer use the Badge system.  Children will receive an evaluation/report card at the end of each session which will indicate their progress.  We know all children do not progress at the same rate and siblings or children joining together may not stay together for each session. “Testing” for report cards will be done throughout the entire session and the evaluation of your child’s gymnastics skills is done by the coaches. If you have questions regarding their progress, it is best to speak with your child’s coach at the end of class.

Beginner Boys: 

Gymnasts will warm up and complete a circuit of the gym. They will learn basic gymnastics skills and safety rules. 
Class length: 1 hour

Intermediate Boys:

Boys will continue to build on skills learned in beginner using a variety of equipment. Their confidence and ability will improve as they work on these badges.
Class length: 1.5 hours

Advanced Boys:

Boys will continue to build on skills learned in the Intermediate class using a variety of equipment - focusing more on Pommel, Parallel Bars and Rings.  Strength and Flexibility are key to progressing at this level.