Cartwheel into one of our artistic girls classes to learn vault, bars, beam, floor and trampoline! Our recreational program offers classes starting at 6 years old. The girls will follow a certification program created by OGC to learn progressions and new skills in a fun way!  All of our coaches are experienced gymnasts themselves and can demonstrate and teach skills safely with correct technique. The program consists of the following levels:

Foundations Girls 1 (formerly Beginner Girls)
Intermediate Girls 1
Intermediate Girls 2
Intermediate Girls 3 (Coming Soon!)
Advanced Girls 1
Advanced Girls 2
Advanced Girls 3

Your child will be working on the skills needed to master the level she is in. They will learn skills on Floor, Vault, Beam, Trampoline and Bars.  The coach will bring testing sheets around to record the progress. They will mark the skills as followed:  - Attempted + Learning or ⊕ Mastered. This is consistent with the Physical Literacy Assessment for Youth.

The athlete needs to show proficiency in all the skills before she receives a certificate of completion and can move on to the next level in the following session. If the athlete masters all of the skills in her current level, she will stay in the same class and begin working on the skills for the next level.

The athletes will receive a progress report at the end of each session. It lists the skills they are working on as either - Attempted + Learning or ⊕ Mastered.

The kids progress at their own pace, not based on age. We are ALWAYS looking to improve, please email [email protected] for feedback about your child's program.