Cartwheel into one of our artistic girls classes to learn

vault, bars, beam, floor and trampoline!

Our recreational program offers classes starting at 6 years old. The girls will follow the CanGym certification program to learn progressions and new skills in a fun way! The skills involved in each of the recreational levels follow the Junior Olympic program from basics to advanced gymnastics. All of our coaches are experienced gymnasts themselves and can demonstrate and teach skills safely and creatively. 












Girls Beginner Gymnastics

Welcome to the CanGym Beginners program - the first step in developing skills not only for gymnastics but all sports!  Your child will be introduced to the key gymnastics equipment including bars, beams, vault, and floor while having fun learning the fundamental movement patterns of gymnastics.  Balance, coordination, skills development along with making new friends makes this class a great time for all.  Class size is limited to 6 kids.  All equipment is cleaned before each class starts. 

Class length - 1 hour


Girls Intermediate Gymnastics

This exciting class is for athletes who have successfully completed Level 3 Beginners.  Coaches continue to work with your child, building on the fundamental movements of gymnastics learned at the Beginners' level and introducing more complex skills on the gym equipment.  Your child's confidence and self-esteem will increase as they master skills that once were a challenge!  Class size is limited to 8 kids.  All equipment is cleaned before each class starts. 

Class length - 1.5 hours


Girls Advanced Gymnastics

Your child is now entering the final levels of CanGym with a focus on combining the fundamental movement patterns to learn gymnastic skills on specific pieces of gym equipment.  At this level, time in the gym increases as your athlete progresses and gains the strength needed to master their skills.  Difficulty is increased, repetition is necessary.  It is common to take more than one session to complete each level. Class size is limited to 8 kids.  All equipment is cleaned before each class starts. 

Class length - 2 hours


Rising Stars & Super Stars

This is an accelerated learning program for experienced girls aged 5-8 years looking for a more structured program. Gymnasts begin to work on skills to prepare for the pre competitive program. There is added emphasis on strength, flexibility and technique. Rising Stars and Super Stars focus on women's artistic events; vault, bars, beam and floor. If you think your child would be a good fit for this program, email [email protected] for an assessment.

The kids progress at their own pace, not based on age. We are ALWAYS looking to improve our programs, please email [email protected] for feedback about your child's class.

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