Mitey Mites & Pre-Competitive Boys

Mitey Mites and Skill Builders – Age 5-7 years is BY INVITATION ONLY
This is an accelerated learning program. Gymnasts begin to work on skills to prepare for the pre competitive program. There is added emphasis on strength, flexibility and technique. Mitey Mites and Super Mitey Mites focus on women's artistic events, and the Skill Builders class is a general focus on building basics for gymnastics of all disciplines.  Class length: 1.5- 2 hours

Pre-Competitive Boys Program (Superman Group) - Age 6 years is BY INVITATION ONLY 

The pre-competitive boys program is designed for boys aged 5-8 years. This is the next step up from recreational gymnastics with focus on work ethic, higher level of skill preparation, physical and flexibility training, preparation for competition, and of course FUN! Training between 6-9 hours per week this group will increase your son’s physical literacy skills dramatically. Gymnastics is the leading sport in the pursuit of increased physical literacy for children 1-15 years of age. Coach recommendation is required for placement in this group.