Trampoline Co-ed 7yrs & up

Jump into a class. Classes are filled with excitement as children get lots of airtime, develop their strength and conquer their fears! Classes are taught with an emphasize on safety landings and correct technique to reduce the possibility of injury.

Foundations Trampoline Gymnastics – Age 7 – 13 years: 

Skills specific to trampoline and tumbling are taught in a co-ed class. Focus is on the trampoline, double-mini, and tumbling strip. Classes are designed to teach children spatial awareness and how to jump with proper technique. Children will begin to learn the basics of flipping!
Class length: 1 hour Foundations Trampoline skills list

Intermediate Trampoline Gymnastics – Age 7 – 13 years: 

A continuation of beginner trampoline and tumbling, working on and developing more difficult skills with twists and flips. Spatial awareness and control on the trampolines are important in this class as children are developing more advanced skills!
Class length: 1 hour Intermediate Trampoline Skills list

Advanced Trampoline Gymnastics – Age 7 – 13 years:

There will be flips and lots of them! Children will be doing advanced skills by adding more height, twists and more skill sequences!
Class length: 1.5 hours

Advanced Trampoline 1

Advanced Trampoline 2