Registration Dates & Schedules

There are four sessions of recreational classes throughout the year.  They are our Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer Sessions.

We are excited to announce that we recently updated our artistic girls recreation programs. Please click here to read more about the changes that started September 2016 for Artistic Girls.

Summer Schedule 2017

  • May 23 at 9am - Online Registration Begins 
  • June 13 at 9am - Phone & In Person Registration Begins
  • July 4 - Summer Session Begins
  • Sept 1 - Summer Session Ends
  • Please note: There will be no classes August 7th

Fall Schedule 2017 - *New

  • Aug 8th at 7am - Online Registration Begins 
  • Aug 29th at 9am - Phone & In Person Registration Begins
  • Sept 6 - Fall Session Begins

Possible Funding Sources 

Parents can apply directly to these possible funding sources for support: